California and wine

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Winemaking in California made its development considerably later than the traditional European wine regions. The first pioneers started with growing grapes in California in the second half of the 19th century. Above all, it was the colonists from the regions of France and Italy, who brought to America European varietals of vine and also a passion and love to grow them. During the years 1918-1933 the United States had a very strong prohibition and winemaking retreated from its development. The enormous growth is in California winemaking since the early seventies of the last century. This growth continues today, and California is gradually becoming one of the world's dominant wine regions. If we do not take into account Europe, it is the biggest wine producer in the world.

Wine Map of California offers a number of surprises and a lot more diversity than we would appear at first sight. Geographically you can find in California these areas: Nord Coast, Sierra Foothills, Central Coast, South Coast and Central Valley, which also belongs to the sunniest wine regions in the world. Probably the most famous californian appelation is Napa Valley, from which comes the best California wines. Other significant areas are Sonoma, Mendocino and Carneros. 

nakup vina

Relatively common problem of californian winemaking is a lack of water. Many times in the past there were regulations and disputes regarding irrigation. California summers tend to be much drier than summers in most wine regions in Europe. The average rainfall are not exceptionally low, but it is usual that are concentrated in the first months of the year. Winemakers devised a way to at least partially solve problems. Rain filling up the tanks, which are then used for irrigation during the dry summer.

Californian winemaking was celebrated rather for red wines. They are produced with a view to the final feeling in mouth. Grapes remain during velvet autumns on the vines until the tannin are pretty soft and are easy on the palate. They have a very intense fruity aroma and a very soft flavor.

It's not a secret that californian vintners were better in producing of red wines. But today we can find white wines that can be competed to the best French whites. The clearest example is Chateau Montelena Chardonnay which you can find in our portfolio.

AVA - is an acronym for the American Viticultural Area, and represents the origin of the grapes. It was common in the USA indicate only state
origin in the past. With AVA system could be refined the origin on a very small area. Each winery has to write AVA on the label so customer can immediately recognize the origin of the grapes.