After wine had been selected and properly storaged, comes an equally important phase, which decides on our experience of wine. While drinking wine, many people forget even the most basic thing like its serving at the correct temperature. Temperature can be measured with a special wine thermometer.

Serving temperature of single wines has a fairly wide range:

  • sparkling wines 4-8 ° C
  • White wines 8-12 ° C
  • rosés 10-13 ° C
  • red wines 13-18 ° C

After opening the bottle,it is very important to let the wine "breathe", namely heavy Californian red wines are demanding in this respect. Californian red wines should breathe between half an hour and two hours before consumption. Premium wines could breathe even six to eight hours. To accelerate this process and filter out any deposits we can use a decanter (carafe). In this point, you should draw attention to a very important detail: the wine should be handled very gently and even when poured into the carafe, this must be done gently and gradually. Then, it is possible to swirl very gently with a decanter several times to let more air in to the wine.

Shaped glasses

A good wine should be served in quality glass. White wine glasses have smaller volume, the red wine ones larger. Glasses should have a stem and its shape should resemble a tulip. Quality glass enhances our enjoyment of wine.

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How to drink wine

When drinking wine, we should first look at its color, then smell it and then inhale its smell and finally taste it. Only a complete perception of a wine will allow you to know it better and enjoy it the way a good wine deserves.

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