How to order

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Shopping on is pretty easy and intuitive. You can entry by clicking on a "online shop" button and than you can pick from our portfolio. You can find detailed description for each of the wines, so you can find out all the details you need. When you choose a wine to buy, just indicate the quantity you want to purchase and than click the "buy" button.
After creating your entire order go to the shopping cart where you can enter your contact information, select shipping method and payment. Payment can be made by bank transfer, by cash on delivery or by online payment. Upon receipt of the order and payment (except cash on delivery), the goods will be sent to the address given by a courier. In a case of cash on delivery the goods is shipped within two working days by courier. If you need from us to quickly receive the shipment, please contact us by e-mail or phone and we certainly together find a way to deliver the wine as soon as possible.

Shipping method:
PPL - to deliver your orders use the services of carriers PPL. All orders are sent in secure packaging polystyrene.
Method of payment:
COD - pay on receipt of goods directly to the courier PPL. You can pay by cash or credit card (Courier has always carry a payment terminal).
Bank Transfer - you can pay by bank transfer to our account 2807152282/5500. In the description of payment please enter the same name that you specified when ordering. Please ask for IBAN when you pay from outside of the Czech Republic.
PayPal - we use the largest provider of online payments. You can pay directly from your PayPal account or you can enter a payment without registration, with your credit card. Payments are completely safe, PayPal is the most widely used and safest form of online payments worldwide.