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As I had increasingly come across wines during my work, I gradually fell to their charms. This hobby has led to the fact that I seriously started thinking about opening my own wine business. After a very long and thorough preparation, I decided to start the most appropriate form of a very specialized shop – the online shop - for it appeared to be the best solution in today's fast electronic age. My choice was very clear - Californian wines. I made my decision for the sake of my personal preference and also of the fact that in our region, Californian wines are still shrouded in ignorance. Most domestic consumers focus on our local wines, then on the French, Spanish or Italian wines. The focus on New World wines comprises wines mostly from Argentina, Chile or Brazil. The word California reminds us usually only of the famous Opus One, which has been produced by Robert Mondavi for many years and this is where we usually exhaust our knowledge. For this reason, I decided to become the first to focus solely on Californian wines and bring them closer to you the way they deserve

There are more than a thousand wineries in California, therefore, it is very difficult to be well informed. For this reason, I have personally tasted all the wines that you can buy here and, from this large number of samples I have chosen only those really worth buying. The menu includes a selection of wines ranging from medium to high-end and premium wines. The only thing you will not find here are bad wines. The vast majority of wines that can be purchased here comes from small or very small wineries, mostly operated on a family basis, where wine has still been cultivated with passion and love and is able to capture the essence of California's wine tradition.

Californian wineries would deserve a lot of delineation, and, you can find a part of it in the California and wines section. The rest could be discussed with me personally in the course of a planned series of tastings. We would also like to introduce new wines on our offer at least twice a year.

Finally, I would like to declare that we are a proud and direct importer of all wines presented on this website.

I wish you a lot of nice experiences with californian wines and I am looking forward to meeting you

Jan Ecer