nakup vina

To cellar wines, the best place seem to be a cellar or dark room with a constant temperature of 8-12 ° C and slightly damp environments. If the wine is cellared at higher temperature, you have to reckon with the fact that it will ripen faster. In general, when cellaring wine, rather slightly higher temperatures appear to be better than their frequent fluctuations, therefore carefully consider the space where the wine will be cellared. Also, cellared wine should never be exposed to direct sunlight. Bottles of cellared wines with cork stoppers should be stored horizontally to prevent the cork from drying and thus from allowing air into the bottle.

Wines can also be cellared in wine storage cabinets (wine fridges). Unfortunately this form is quite expensive to energy consumption and it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that no vibrations of the motor should be transmitted to the wine.

The same rules apply here as for the storage of wine. The bottles should not be moved in order not to disrupt the natural development of fine bouquet links.

Cellaring is particularly suitable for red wines, but white wines and rosé can also gain a lot through cellaring. Most white wines are cellared for a period of two to five years, the same is with pink wines (though there are exceptions with significantly longer cellaring period). In the case of red wines, the cellaring period range is much greater. Some red wines from our menu can be cellared for a period of twenty years or more. Therefore if you are interested in cellaring of our wines, do not hesitate and ask your specific questions on email adress: info@kalifornskavina.cz. We will be happy to answer any questions.